I undertook this task of rewriting the website because Winchester tennis has been such an important part of my life since I came to town. I have made so many friends over the years, and have always found it a place to come to and relax The people there don’t seem to care about a person’s color, religion, sexual identity, or political views. When I have needed help players have reached out to me to offer help, or just a friendly ear to listen. I was inspired by the work that Alicia Hintlian and Barry Fishman did in adding content. I hope that others will add to this narrative, because it’s a wonderful story to tell.

Many years ago there was a woman named Betsy who was in a motorized wheel chair. She loved to stop by the courts and talk to people, and would ask me how I had played that day. Now as I think back, I realize that even when I played my worst, I was still doing something Betsy couldn’t and probably really wanted to do. I remember one time driving up to the Burlington Mall and seeing Betsy motoring up route 3 on her way. She was indomitable. Now when I’m feeling low, I try to remember Betsy and the joy she brought to all of us at the courts.

If you are looking for a great tennis experience, then you should go to the Newport Tennis Hall of Fame, and play on the grass courts. Get 4 couples, and rent 2 courts for 2 hours. Play an hour of mixed doubles and an hour of men’s/women’s. Playing on the grass is an incredible trip. After you play wander around the Hall of Fame, and then go out to lunch. We went to the Castle Hill Inn which has a great view of Narragansett Bay(and my finger). 


“If plan A fails, just remember there are still 25 more letters.”

“If you think you can’t, you won’t” (Bear Bryant)

In closing, let me sneak in my favorite sports quote from Grantland Rice, a great 20th century sports writer. I try to live up to it, and occasional succeed.


When that one great scorer comes to mark against your name
He writes not that you won or lost
But how you played the game