Court Fees

  • The Packer Ellis courts are owned and operated by the Town of Winchester
  • To play on the courts players need either a purchase a day pass or an annual pass.
  • Day passes or Annual passes can be purchased through the Winchester Recreation Department (See link below to purchase a pass)
  • Winchester Recreation Department – Day/Annual Pass

Tennis Shoes Only

Only tennis shoes are allowed to be worn during play in the Packer Ellis Clay courts.  See the court Supervisor if you have any questions.


Why TENNIS SHOES ONLY on the courts?

  1. Running shoes and cross trainers by design have grippy treads on the sole.
  2. When worn while playing on clay, these soles tear into the top layer, which protects the clay.
  3. The result is a painstaking repair of the court or the court has to be taken off-line.
  4. Members cooperation and assistance in ensuring this policy, will keep the courts in top condition for all players.  Thanks for helping out…

Sweeping the courts


What is the sweeping policy at the courts?

  1. As before, courts should be swept after play all the way back to the fence.
  2. Sweeping can be done length ways or from side to side.
  3. If you are the first players on the courts after watering (mornings or afternoon) you may sweep before
    playing in addition to the regular sweeping after play.

Tennis Attire

Recommended Apparel:

Wearing an appropriate attire when playing tennis is not only for fashion’s sake, more importantly you want to look you’re best while counting match point against your opponent.  The WTA has some loose guidelines for tennis attire (somewhat jokingly) while playing at the Packer-Ellis Clay Courts.  Tips to follow.


The Good


The Bad


The Unusual


The Ugly