In 2014, the WTA decided that the old wooden backboard wasn’t going to last much longer. The staff spent a good amount of time trying to make it useable. After some research, it was decided to get a state of the art backboard made of fiberglass We held a fund raiser with people donating all kinds of things for an auction and cash and raised $28,000. The town agreed to repave the hitting area.

Glen Doyle installed the new wall which has a concave section on the far left so that if you hit the ball at the top, it directs it back down, and if you hit the bottom, it will direct it back up. The wall gets used constantly with newcomers learning how to keep the ball in play and experienced players working on their games.

Peter Toland is the current king of the wall, replacing the retired Doug Pearson, and the legendary Charlie Watson. If anyone was around in the 70’s, you would remember Charlie who went down every night and hit for over an hour. It looked like he had a yo-yo