The Packer-Ellis Courts

           SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1st

             COURTS OPEN 8:00AM - NOON


A message from Pauline Foley

Dear WTA members,

Taking part in the Friday Night Round Robbins has been a highlight of my summer.
When President Barry Fishman asked if I would help in organizing the weekly event, I was a little hesitant, thinking I might not be up to  the task.
But with the his help, and with the assistance of Glen Doyle, Aniko Laszlo, Ferenc Vadja, and Lorraine Bates, the task became easier and more enjoyable as the summer continued; and we never had to cancel because of rain.
Plus, the many players who participated became such good friends, some of whom I hadn't met until this summer.
I am very grateful to these helpers and to the Winchester Tennis Association  for its recognition of my participation with a memorable  thank you card and very generous gift.
I look forward to supporting the WTA again.

 Pauline Foley

                       NO CROSS TRAINERS - THANK YOU

When someone plays for one hour on the clay courts in cross trainers
or running shoe
s it takes 80 pounds of Har-Tru topping and 90 minutes
of skilled labor to repair the court. Every day someone comes to the courts
ready to play in shoes that are not suitable for these courts.
If you see someone playing in running shoes or cross trainers please bring
it to the attention of the Supervisor or gate person. If no one is at the gate
please bring it to the player's attention. It is in everyone's interest that the courts be protected and respected. Cross trainers and running shoes tear up and damage our precious courts. Thank you.
Glen Doyle



In Memorium



Paul Foley - Nov 14, 2014           Ed Leahy- Feb 12, 2015

Letter from Pauline   


The new benches and platforms donated by WTA members

We still need another 10 benches to complete the upgrade
If you would like to donate a bench with your name or family name on it

contact us here.  Benches are $275 each including plaque











We all enjoyed another great TOWN tournament!

Sponsored by the Winchester Cooperative Bank

Happy Fall Everyone!
As Summer's door has closed, fortunately our tennis does not!!  I'd like to express my appreciation for the generous time and effort of the Town Tournament Directors this year.  Phil, Cheryl and Leo stepped up in time for the needed support to continue the grand Town Tournament tradition now completing it's 86th year!
See below for Phil's excellent write up and attached pictures and draw spreadsheet for your review!  As well, our THANKS to the participants who brought excellent tennis and sportsmanship to our beloved Packer-Ellis Courts
Best regards and see you on the courts,
Barry Fishman
Winchester Tennis Association
Many Surprise Victors in WTA’s 86th
Annual Winchester Town Tennis Championships

Since its beginning in 1929, thousands of tennis enthusiasts have competed in the Annual Winchester Town Tennis Championships played over the two weekends following Labor Day on what we now call the Packer-Ellis Courts. This complex of 15-clay courts is named for two Winchester Tennis Association (WTA) volunteers whose efforts established (i.e. Rev. William Packer) and later maintained (i.e. Don Ellis) the courts.   Their legacy, WTA volunteers, generous Winchester Cooperative Bank funding, great Rec. Department court maintenance, 63 event players, good weather, 4 wise chair umpires, countless dramatic points, court-side flowers, appreciative fans, and shiny silver bowl trophies combined to make this 86th annual event a beauty.

In Mixed Doubles Lisa Hamilton & Bill Riley were the only #1 seeds to win an event. They mixed great lobs with sliced ground stokes, put-away volleys, and angled overheads to beat Paula Carme & Sandro Attacalite, who in the semis escaped many match points before beating #2 seeds  Bonnie Totman & Mike Aldrich.   In the finals Carme & Attacalite, as underdogs of Italian descent, had much crowd support given the entirely unexpected all-Italian final in the Women’s Singles of the US Open just the day before.  When a frustrated Carme muttered some  sharp comment in Italian to Attacalite, Cheryl Lauretano looked down sternly from her 8 foot high umpire’s chair and said: “There will be no swearing in Italian.”  Some waited for Carme to ask if this meant swearing in English was OK, but instead Carme delighted the fans by indignantly responding:  “Those are prayers, not swears!”


In Mens 60+ Singles Kari Juusela, a new town resident, displayed all the classic skills - including powerful well-paced serves, ground stokes, expert volley’s, and even  touch drop shots - to overwhelm all opponents including the runner-up, perennial champion and #1 seed, Jerry Cristoforo. 


In the Open Mens’ s Singles, Juusela was also dominant, even against his strong semi-finals opponent, WHS senior Chris Kuang who is 47 years his younger. Indeed, only in the first set of the finals against the “human backboard” Yogi Shridhare did Juusela give up more than 2 games in a set.  This match might be still going, but Yogi  (like Yogi’s opponent in the same-day semis, Vittorio Ettore) had to “retire” when his legs cramped badly from the nearly 5 hours of long rallies.

In Men’s Open Doubles,  the #3 seeded Evan Eaton and Michael Lauretano had to beat both the solid #2 Seed team, Michael Poppler & Sandro Attacalite in the semis, and then the strong #1 Seed,  Mike Aldrich & Mark Mateucci in the finals.  Fresh from 4 years of college tennis, Evan and Michael did not let the experience, craft, and defensive lob abilities of their opponents upset their power games as some expected.  Their 7-5 first set win in the finals proved they could be both relentlessly aggressive and amazingly patient despite their opponents’ agile and deep retrievals and their own occasional unforced errors. 

The Over 60 Mens’ Doubles was the most competitive throughout the draw. Leo Lauretano & Yoga Nathan squeaked through the semis by winning a 3rd set super tie-breaker by the score 10-7.  The other finalists, Kerry Bergin & Barry Fishman, won both their quarter finals and semi finals in 3rd set super tie-breakers of 10-7 and 10-4.  Both close semis were played just a few hours before the finals’ two long sets that Lauretano & Nathan won 6-4, 7-5. 

Womens Open Doubles will be decided between Alicia Hintlian & Cheryl Lauretano and Laura Krotky & Audrey Loria at a date/time to be announced. Each team had strong 2-set victories in the semis, but a very long match in the quarter finals (in which Valerie Rowley & Isabelle Lellouche  prevailed over Jane Zeamer & Marilyn Mullane) delayed one of the semis and thus the finals. 

Phil Coonley

WTA projects accomplished in 2014


Resident Adult Season Pass $165
Non-resident Adult Pass $265

available at the Recreation Dept
263 Main Street. Winchester
or on line
or at the courts from the Supervisor
when courts are open


for youths to adult - beginners to advanced - all ages - all levels